Commissions: CLOSED

Before you commission me, please keep the following in mind:
  • Commissions are only for digital art.
  • If for whatever reason I don't feel comfortable drawing it, I'll have to reject it.
  • I'm better at drawing male characters than female.
  • Please pay at least 50% before I start, and after up to 3 revisions of the sketch, you'll be locked in to that design for the finished piece.
  • I retain full rights of the artwork. Please do not claim as your own work or use in a commercial way.
  • Read the full TOS below.
✔ I will draw:
  • Humanoid fanart or OC.
  • Cats. Cat boys. Cat girls.
  • Chibis
✖ I will NOT draw:
  • Anthropomorphic/animal characters.
  • Overly sexual or violent themes.
  • Mecha designs.
  • Facial hair or elderly (wrinkles).
Terms of Service:
  • I won't take any commissions I don't feel comfortable drawing.
  • In the sketch process, you have up to 3 revisions. After that, the piece is locked in, unless you want to pay extra for more revisions.
  • All prices are in USD, and I only accept paypal.
    • For those outside of the US, please remember to convert the USD prices to your currency first, so you know exactly how much you're paying.
    • I won't begin any work until I receive at least 50% payment upfront for large pieces.
    • Once 100% payment is complete, I'll hand over the finished piece.
    • For smaller orders, such as icons, please pay the full 100% amount upfront.
  • All art is for personal use only, NOT for commercial profit.
    • I will be posting commissions on my socials and as commission samples, if you prefer I do not share it publicly, please let me know during your commission order.
    • Do NOT claim ownership of the art. Do not claim you drew it.
    • If you use the art in a public space (i.e., twitter profile), please credit me as the artist.
    • Please ask me first if you plan on editing the art.
    • Do NOT repost on tumblr or public instagram, even with credit. Retweeting/reblogging from me is perfectly fine.
    • Sharing on your personal twitter or private (locked) instagram is okay with credit.
    • Use as wallpaper or lockscreen is fine. If you need a specific size, I can provide.
  • Excluding when my schedule is swamped, turnaround should be 1-2 weeks.
    • When I accept the commission, I will give an estimated turnaround time.
    • If you need it for a specific deadline, please let me know.
    • We can negotiate a price for a faster turnaround.
  • For refunds, if no work has been done, I will refund in full. If partial work was done, I will refund anything paid proportional to work done.
    • If I cannot deliver the piece on time as promised, I can either refund in full, or give you a discount if you would like to wait further for the commission.