Chibi header


What brushes do you use?

I do my sketching mostly with photoshop brush and sometimes with B pen. For my lineart, I use SOIPEN for clean lines, and Nya :3 PEN for decorative lines. For coloring, I don't really have a set brush. I'll often paint over with the lineart brush, or use ぬりぶらし and PONG 04, 05, and 06.

I'm still trying to discover my favorite way to color, so I don't really have a methond set in stone yet.

Do you have any formal art education?

No, I'm entirely self-taught. I've drawn as a kid for as long as I remember, but I only very recently (2020) took it seriously enough to self-study specific foundational skills.

How do I best reach you?

I'm fairly active online, so if you message me at any of my socials, I'll see it (unless for some reason it gets filtered out). You can @mention me on twitter, or message me directly on discord aegis#2121

Which tablet do you use?

I draw with a Wacom Intuos Medium (CTL-6100WL), and before that, I had an older small model also under Wacom. I personally would not recommend anything smaller than Wacom's medium size (but by all means, get a cheaper alternative). My old small tablet gave me a lot of wrist pains, and encouraged me to draw less frequently.

Do you do art trades or requests?

If we're mutuals, I'd love to do art trades, but since I'm often busy, I won't have time for requests. I may post updates on this on my twitter.

Can I use your art for icons or headers?

As long as you credit me on twitter or instagram. If you do, feel free to @mention or tag me—I'd love to know about it ♥

If it's for anything else, just drop me a message. Chances are, I'll be fine as long as I'm credited.